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Friday, 16 January 2009

Carriage charge issue

Hi All

Thanks to your feedback we have been made aware that erroneous carriage charges have been appearing on a small number of backorders. The reason for this is as a result of the necessary migration of backorders from the old system into SAP.

As part of our ongoing efforts to enhance each process within the new system, we are continuing to look at ways to eradicate this legacy issue. This issue is currently with our technical consultants who are actively seeking a solution which would remove the charges from these specific orders still held within our system. The issue does not exist with regard to orders created in the new system and is therefore diminishing as these previously entered transactions are dealt with.

Where the problem has been discovered in advance of processing we are able to remove the carriage charge from the order, however, due to the large number of orders involved some incorrect charges have been issued. If you have been incorrectly charged for a backorder, please contact our Customer Services team.


cathy said...

I'm glad that you are sorting out this and other problems.
It's a big responsibility to pass over to us identifying all the errors that have occurred since the inception of SAP and expecting us to ask for the relevant credit. We don't have the time or the manpower to do it. One of the things that is worrying me, is all the 3 for the price of 2 items that came in at the full price instead of the promotion price. We work with volunteers, some of them are trained and good at dealing with orders, and some aren't. So I choose my day to order carefully making sure that the order will arrive when the right person is available to deal with it.
Because of STL's difficulty operating SAP,orders have been arriving any old time, if at all, so inexperienced untrained personnel have been left to deal with their complexities. I know that this has resulted in discount errors being missed. We need STL to check our account and put right all these and any other errors.

Geoff said...

This doesn't relate to carriage but is an invoice issue. Could we please ask that the invoice includes the pack size for cards, bookmarks etc (primarily Christian Art and Dayspring product).
For every delivery of these products we have to open the packets and count the items so that we can work out the price. Daysping cards often have either 3, 4 or 6 cards in a pack. The invoice will give you both the trade and retail price but the only way to know how many cards it relates to is to open the pack, or to scan the item on Synergi (however, not everyone has this facility and it is also time consuming and people unpacking the parcel do not use the computer)
This would also identify problems such as one we found today where the unit price was for a pack of 15 and yet the packets only ever contain 6. (CABML472)
Ideally, a cost per single item would be best. What do others think?
This is not a new request but one that we have been asking Kingsway regularly over the years.
Can the blog reach parts that others cannot reach?
Maranatha, Uxbridge

STL Blog Team said...

Hi Geoff

Thanks for your query. I shall pass it onto our team and see if it is something we can do.