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Wednesday, 23 December 2009

A Message from Ken Munro

A message from Ken Munro, the new CEO of STL Distribution

The purchase of STL Distribution by John Ritchie Ltd brings to an end a very difficult period of uncertainty and disruption for all connected with STL Distribution. Today marks a fresh start and the beginning of an exciting future. As we embark on this new journey together, I want you to know that STL Distribution is back in business and working hard to return to the standard of service both suppliers and retailers have come to expect over the years.

We are committed to serving you and our mission is to equip your ministry with Christian resources effectively and efficiently. Over the coming weeks we are focussing on all aspects of the business to ensure that our service to you improves. Our immediate priorities will be

  • Availability - We’re re-stocking to improve our availability and fill rate
  • Suppliers - I’ve met with numerous key suppliers in recent days . A number have already committed to working with the new STL Distribution business and positive discussions with many others give me confidence that early in the new year we will be able to announce substantial continuity of existing agreements and a few exciting new additions.
  • IT systems - We will be replacing SAP with the previously operational IT platform (Informix). The transition project is already well underway and we expect to have the updated Informix platform operational within the first quarter of 2010. This is not a high risk IT project, with significant in-house knowledge and experience being brought to bear and previously robust process and technology being re-activated. Interim operational processes and IT are in place to ensure that service is minimally impacted through the transition. We will communicate the detailed IT plan in January and provide regular updates going forward.

I very much look forward to entering the next exciting chapter of STL Distribution’s story with you. If you have any queries do please contact our Customer Service Department or your Area Sales Manager who will be very happy to help you.

Finally, thank you for your support and prayers over the past few weeks and I look forward to serving you in 2010.

Ken Munro
CEO, STL Distribution


Anonymous said...

SAP disbanded? Hallelujah! Ken Munro, I salute you!

Geoff said...

Hi Ken

You say that you are replacing SAP with the previous system. STL repeatedly told us that this old system was outdated and on its very last legs. Does this mean that this is a move backwards? Also will it mean yet another period of disruption to the supply side?
Secondly, are you committed to retaining the Synergi stock system and also improving it still further? This is a superb programme and Daphne and the team do an excellent job in supporting the shops.
Finally, can I draw from your statement that the ASM's (and in particular our excellent rep, Roger)will still have a role to play with the new company.

Thank you

UnicorntreebooksBoss said...

Hi Ken,

Thanks for being so quick to keep us in the loop, it is really appreciated and I really look forward to going forward with you and the new STLD into the new year and for years to come.

All the best and festive wishes to all at STLD and J. Ritchie.

JOHN said...

I've just been working up your company/trust family tree through John Ritchie and up to The Lord's Work Trust. I see on TLWT's website that it, your ultimate parent, believes strongly that all English Bible translations bar the KJV are, to quote, '(per)versions' of scripture. Does this mean that you'll be seriously reducing your stock of other translations?

STL Blog Team said...


Thanks for your comment re the Lord's Work Trust. The site you refer to has no connection whatsoever with the parent trust to John Ritchie Ltd, who in fact have no web site at all, although search engines will bring up one or two articles on other sites.

The Lord’s Work Trust would not in any way espouse the views expressed about the King’s James Version on the site you have been looking at, so there is no cause for concern over our continued stocking of a wide variety of translations.

Many thanks

STLD Blog Team

STL Blog Team said...


You raise a very valid question regarding Informix and as we look back on the SAP implementation we would acknowledge that some poor decisions were taken along the way. Among these would certainly be the belief that one new software package could solve a number of complicated business problems that had been evolving for years. Clearly the reality has proved to be somewhat different and our current priority is to stabilize the business on a system that we already know can operate it. Once Informix is back in place there will be regular technology reviews and upgrades as necessary.

As to the stability of Informix as a platform, that is not in doubt. There are three main database vendors in the world (Oracle, Microsoft, and IBM) and Informix is a major product offering from one of them, IBM. A new version of the database platform (IDS v11.5) was released in May 2008, and IBM has publicly stated its ongoing intention to develop Informix and market it as part of its product portfolio.

As we move into 2010, we will talk in more detail about all of our plans. In the meantime we are confident that the coming year will prove to be a better one for the wider ministry we are all involved in.

Many thanks

STLD Blog Team

Geoff said...

Thanks for a speedy reply. It is encouraging to know that things are progressing well. One of the things that has been really great about STL is the accurate and wide ranging product information and the ability to be able to access this electronically. It is good to know that this will continue.
Have a great Christmas