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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Easter | Bible Re-stock | Weekly Specials

Dear Retailer,

Easter Books & Gifts
We’ve put together an Easter promotion with up to 25% off Easter books and gifts which will run from 15th February until 9th April 2010. For full details of the promotion including how to order a POS kit to promote this offer in your store please speak to your Area Sales Manager.

Offers available while stocks last.

Spring Bible Re-stock
Last week we emailed you about our Spring Bible Re-stock promotion. We see this promotion as an opportunity for you to re-stock on many of the bestselling Bibles which have been unavailable during the past number of months. Although not all titles are available for immediate dispatch we are offering some excellent discounts so now is a great time to plan ahead and place orders for delivery in a few weeks’ time.

Buy any mix of 10 Bibles at 40%
Buy any mix of 20 Bibles at 42%
Buy any mix of 30 Bibles at 45%

PLUS a free NLT Study Bible with every order for 20 or more Bibles.

Please note, this offer is only available through your Area Sales Manager.

January/February Bulletin
Hopefully you’ve now received your copy of the January/February edition of the Bulletin. This issue is packed with exciting new products with highlights including the latest offering from bestselling author Stormie Omartian, Prayers For Emotional Wholeness (9780736928281) and Brian McLaren’s latest A New Kind Of Christianity (978080340995471).

Return of See-Safe Products - Reminder from our Administrators
For products purchased on See-Safe prior to 18th December 2009, IBS-STL is unable to take back stock but is able to offer a credit of up to 50% of invoice value on the understanding that the retailer will retain the stock. In order for this to be considered, written proof of the original offer must be provided or the offer confirmed by your Area Sales Manager. Please contact Janette Ivison in Customer Services on 01228 611727.

We are keen to resolve as many See-Safe queries as possible whilst we are able. Please be aware that in the near future all requests for returns credits on products purchased prior to 18th December 2009 will no longer be handled by us, but by The Quartz Partnership (who have been appointed by the Administrator Baker Tilly to collect payments due to IBS-STL UK in administration).

(Please note, in a previous communication IBS-STL was referred to as STL Distribution in error. It is IBS-STL who is unable to receive returns and will be offering a credit as mentioned above).

Weekly Specials - available from Monday 15th February
This week you can get 45% discount on all these new Weekly Specials - from classics like The Ragamuffin Gospel and to children’s Easter titles like The Amazing Journey. Available only through the website or by calling Customer Services (0800 28 27 28).

9781846102325 - Bible Sticker Book - The Good Samaritan
9781850785934 - The Ragamuffin Gospel
9781850786757 - How To Really Love You Child
9781846102349 - Bible Sticker Book - The Runaway Son
9781857925357 - Stephen Gaukroger Omnibus
9781859856673 - My Little Bible In Pictures
9781859857748 - My First Story Bible
9781860246968 - All Things Bright And Beautiful plus CD
9781904637431 - The Amazing Journey
9781414307695 - Classic Bible Storybook

Thanks for sticking with us.

Kind Regards
STL Distribution


GLO Bookshop said...

Good to see these leaflets etc starting to emerge again- I've been concerned that we have lost for a while the 'promotional' activity such as Select- absolutely vital to driving sales within us independent shops!

And very many thanks to Clive Doherty for this following this up with an email with current stock levels on these items, and a list of other relevant Easter titles- just what was needed! And makes ordering a much more productive activity!!

We were a bit frustrated to find the 'Bible restock promotion' produced SIX out of the 24 items we ordered....! And two items were listed as Out of Print! However, I suppose the others are on back order, so will arrive as they come back into stock- and we got our free Bible! so thank you for this.

Good to see things getting back on track again.

STL Blog Team said...

Thank you for your comments.

We are keen to get promotional programmes up and running again as soon as possible and are in the process of putting together a calendar for the rest of the year. We hope the Easter promotion will work well for you and other participating stores.

Regarding the Spring Bible Restock, we realise the email could have been a little clearer in explaining that we are still in the process of restocking. This promotion is an opportunity for us all to plan ahead for Spring. Some products are already in stock but in other instances stock will come through to you on back order. Thank you for sticking with us as we restock.

STL Distribution blog team

UnicorntreebooksBoss said...

I'd quite like it if I could get the easter POS Kit, I did email about one and asked who my rep was as since Tim Alban went under the Old STLD I haven't had a rep visit or contact me!
Got told one name by customer services this time and sent an email asking for POS, They told me they weren't my rep and gave me another name (but that reps was on hol's!), so email back to customer services asking for clarification on who my rep was and they duly did apologise for giving me the wrong rep's name (though perhaps this does explain why there has been no peep from a rep if i'm kind of in a grey area - wonder how many others have been lost in the joins? though I appreciate this is not to do with new STLD necessarily as the rep routes pre-date the takeover I think, but might be worth doing a bit of a role call exercise perhaps?), but I still have yet to recieve any easter POS!!!

Oh and while were at it can someone check where my copy of the Bulletin went as it hasn't made it to me either :0)

Have to admit along with GLO that it is a bit disconcerting that so many of the bible restock promo items are out of stock, any idea how long for stock please? Also I notice on the Collins 'back in stock' promo that a number of these items are also not in stock - did have to chortle a little at that one.

However good to see things beginning to happen, especially given all the trials still ongoing.

STL Blog Team said...

Hi Unicorntreebooksboss,

Thanks for getting in touch.

Your Area Sales Manager is Roger Compton (mobile 07967 468 006 or email, he will be in touch to arrange sending you the Easter POS kit and to organise a visit.

We’re not sure why you’ve not received a copy of the Bulletin, but we will send copies of the last two issues in the post today.

With regards to stock availability for the two promotions mentioned above – the Collins stock was due last week and is now expected tomorrow. The Bible Re-stock promotion was put together on the basis that were aware that these items would not all be in stock, but that as you stocked up this would help us stock up – the communication could have been clearer that this was product to be ordered for future, rather than immediate delivery.

We hope this clarifies things and that it doesn’t put you off from stocking up!
Your business is very much appreciated. Keep the feed back coming.

Kind Regards

STL Distribution Blog Team.