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Friday, 12 December 2008

System Update

Just to give you a quick update - today we are picking orders that were placed on Wednesday 10th December although a small minority of orders may have been delayed due to a variety of reasons.

Errors in orders:

I have received feedback from a number of customers highlighting the issues of picking mistakes with orders and shops receiving incomplete orders or wrong items. Please allow me to apologies for these errors. To help recover the backlog we have brought in a significant number of temporary staff. As a consequence of this there has been a decrease in the accuracy rate of picking, but we’re in the process of re-training to improve this area.

Progress on Availability:

We have been looking at ways of increasing the speed of product through the warehouse from receiving to live racking. From Monday we shall be implementing a number of changes that we anticipate will improver this flow and subsequently improving our availability.

Again I just want to thank you all for your understanding and prayers at this time, which is appreciated by the whole team.

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