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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Informix Switchover - going to plan

Informix Update

We are pleased to inform you that the switch over to Informix went smoothly. We are now receiving and processing orders as normal. The key activities have been tested and are all working well. A number of lower priority functions are still in the process of being switched on and tested.

Please use your Informix account number when ordering. If you haven’t received a letter containing details of your Informix account number, please contact Customer Services on 0845 705 6568.


The majority of back orders have been migrated to Informix with the balance being completed in the next few days. Line references could not be transferred across; therefore order references for each migrated backorder will consist of two parts: SAP 6 digit order number followed by your PO number. This will all be contained in one field. If you have any questions relating to backorders, please contact Customer Services on 0845 705 6568.

Order / Invoice Number

As you will be aware, all new invoice and credit notes have now reverted to the Informix format. There will be one six digit order / invoice number.

Status Codes (availability)

The status codes which appear on your invoices will revert back to the ones used previously by STL Distribution. However, these codes will not be printed on the reverse of your invoice as previously. Please find a reminder of status code descriptions below.

Product Status
Deleted Out of Print
Deleted from STL stock file

– This often means the title is available elsewhere in the UK.

no date supplied
RP with date
Reprinting with date
Not Trade Listed

This status is often used for Marketing Materials
Not Yet Available

no date supplied
NYA with date
Not Yet Available

with date
In stock

The remaining elements required to reinstall Informix are progressing well and we are confident the project will be completed without further disruption to your business.

Thank you for your patience and prayers during this time.

Kind Regards
STL Distribution