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Friday, 6 February 2009

FeDex Delivery Update Friday 6th February

Todays update on likely disruption to FeDex delveries:

Severe Weather Updates:
Harlow (23) have reported that there is currently no access to any SG postcode areas, therefore deliveries will be affected.

Launceston (16/72/81/172) have reported that all routes in and around the depot are not accessible at this time, it is unlikely that any freight will be able to be despatched or collected today.

Wellingborough (36/68) have reported that there is currently limited access throughout their region due to the heavy snowfall and worsening conditions, combined with service recovery being attempted from yesterday, therefore some timed deliveries may be affected.

Severe Weather conditions and heavy snow has been reported by the following depots, which has resulted in hazardous conditions on many roads throughout the regions, including road closures and accidents due to the weather, therefore deliveries within these areas will be affected:- Swansea (98/28), Derby (39), Gretna (54/58), Belfast (64), Hornsey (96/196/396), Sleaford (43), Swindon (83), Hereford (130), Camberley (18), Slough (95/195), Exeter (15/115), Harlow (23), Cambridge (37/137), Aylesbury (24/124), Cardiff (27), Fareham (11/12/84), Bristol (17), Park Royal (19/119), Weston (14) and Gloucester (26)

Our apologies once again for any inconvenience caused - if you have a query on a specific order please contact our customer service team directly in the normal manner.