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Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Year of the Bible / 45% promotion / carrier bag winning design

The Bible – A Year Of Celebration in 2011

2011 is a milestone year for the Bible!
  • The 400th Anniversary of the King James Version in May
  • It is the year of BibleFresh – an initiative to take a fresh look at the Bible and live it out.
  • The launch of the ‘new’ NIV is imminent and this summer the full translation of The Message celebrates its 10th birthday.
    As part of these exciting events that celebrate the richness and variety of God’s word, we’re launching a range of promotions under the banner ‘The Year Of The Bible’. Our ‘The Year Of The Bible’ promotions will consist of ten monthly themes that showcase both Bible translations and books that bring you more deeply into the word of God.
  • The themes will include:
    • March: BibleFresh and Bible Bestsellers
    • April: Kids’ Bibles for Prize Giving
    • May: 400th Anniversary of the KJV
    • June: The ‘new’ NIV
    • July: The Bible in Colour
    • August: The Message 10th Birthday
    • September: Bible Promotion
    • October: Bibles & Bible Study
    • November: Gift Bibles for Christmas
    • December: Bestselling Bibles from 2010

    The March selection – Biblefresh and Bible Bestsellers – is available to order today. Posters (shown below) and shelfstrips will also be available to help you give that extra focus to ‘The Year Of The Bible’ promotions, pulling together assorted products in your store. Pre-order today.

    All of this activity provides us with a wonderful opportunity to feature and promote Bible sales in our shops and it is our pleasure to be able to provide you with a ‘one stop shop’ for this excellent range of titles from a variety of publishers. If we can support you in any other way as you promote Bible sales in your own area, please discuss this with your Area Sales Manager.

    BRF Top 10 bestsellers at 45% discount
    BRF – 45% discount promotion

    BRF’s Top 20 Bestsellers are now available at 45% discount as part of our Winter Warmers promotion. Including key titles such as:

    9781841015033 Messy Church
    9781841014326 All Age Worship
    9781841017501 The Circle Of Love
    9781841017570 Celebrating The King James Version
    here to view the full range.

    Carrier Bags – and the winner is...
    We had a fantastic response to last week's email asking you to vote on your favourite carrier bag design and we're pleased to announce the winner, with 46% of the vote, is option 3.

    We will let you know in due course when these will be available.

    Fraudulent orders

    It has been brought to our attention that a number of retailers have had requests for 20 copies of Franklin Bookman to be delivered to London. There is a strong possibility these orders may be fraudulent and we advise that you do not proceed with any similar order unless you have cleared funds from the caller.