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Monday, 26 July 2010

This week's Daily Specials

Equipping the saints – a great opportunity at this time with many at the Keswick Convention or New Wine, braving the rain, the drought or both! Last week Keswick had both a hosepipe ban and flood warnings, an intriguing combination!

In The Eye Of The Storm Bestseller Collection at 45% discount

Max Lucado
Take a journey into a stormy day in the life of Christ and be assured that within every torrent there is a calm centre.
Come face-to-face with Jesus when He experienced more stress than any other day of his life aside from his crucifixion. Before the morning became evening, he had reason to weep, run, shout, curse, praise, and doubt.

Holman Christian Study CWR Devotional Bible HB at 42% discount
This unique CWR Bible is a full Holman Christian Standard translation with strategically placed extracts from CWR’s four daily devotionals for adults, meditations on the names of God and profiles of biblical characters.

Later this week:
More Bibles, more Lucado and more Ortberg this week – but with a little difference.
On the Bible front we have KJVs and NKJVs alongside a pair of NCV Bibles.
From Max Lucado we have an omnibus volume, and John Ortberg is the name behind two more classic books.
Watch this space daily. We try and change the Daily Specials by 9.30am every weekday morning.

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