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Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Zondervan Pricing Sticker Issue

Dear Customer

We have recently identified some issues with a delivery of Zondervan titles from the USA. We have informed EPOS suppliers of the necessary conversion to be performed when ordering these titles. If you are a Synergi user, you will not be affected as Synergi already performs the correct code conversion.

Zondervan have also issued the following statement regarding the problem:

Further to our previous statement concerning stickers, I regret that some Zondervan books have been stickered with an incorrect code over the existing barcode. Rather than the ISBN-13 number that appears at the top of the sticker, the barcode is the 12 digit UPC printed at the bottom of the sticker. This has been immediately rectified on any subsequent books coming out of the Zondervan warehouse, I would like to sincerely apologise for this, which was down to human error. Ian Matthews Zondervan

If you do have any issues please contact IBS-STL customer services in the first instance.

Warm Regards

Steve Apted
Supply Chain and Distribution Director