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Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Weekly Specials and Update from STL Distribution

Dear Retailer,

Here are the details of our latest offers and a communication from Ken Munro regarding the planned re-sizing of STL Distribution.

Weekly Specials
This week you can get 45% discount on all these new Weekly Specials including bestsellers such as Max Lucado’s 3:16 The Numbers Of Hope and Lee Strobel’s The Case For Christ. Available only through the website or by calling Customer Services on 0800 28 27 28.

9780849919817 - 3:16 The Numbers Of Hope
9781414333106 - Big Thoughts For Little People
9780310209300 - The Case For Christ
9780310248293 - The Cross And The Switchblade
9780849946585 - Fearless

Scripture Union
STL Distribution is pleased to announce that a wholesale distribution agreement has been reached with Scripture Union. This will enable STL Distribution to continue to offer a wide range of Scripture Union products including their bestselling bible reading notes and Sunday school resources.

Communication from Ken Munro
John Ritchie Ltd purchased STL Distribution in December 2009. In addition to the STL Distribution operations staff based in Carlisle, a number of other central services functions TUPE’d across in line with UK employment legislation. A significant proportion of these staff had, in addition to distribution responsibilities, supported the historic retail and publishing divisions of IBS-STL. As a consequence a planned process of ‘right-sizing’ of the business, in line with a focussed distribution strategy and budgeted activity levels, was essential.

The Carlisle based staff were made aware of the requirement for this right-sizing exercise immediately following the acquisition date and have been entirely understanding of the ongoing process.

A fundamental part of this process was the instigation of a consultation period which ended on the 17th February with the outcome being that 45 of the 180 Carlisle based posts would no longer be required. During the consultation 30 members of staff chose to take voluntary redundancy or left having secured alternative employment. We are now moving towards the conclusion of this process and once it is completed, I am confident we will have a strong foundation in terms of skills and experience, on which STL Distribution can develop and face the future with confidence.

I am grateful for the understanding of our staff. I am also pleased that in the last few weeks we have experienced a steady improvement in product availability and therefore our level of business has been trending very encouragingly.

I would ask that you remember the individuals affected by the re-sizing process in your prayers.

Kind Regards
STL Distribution

Weekly Specials

Today's highlighted title is the classic children's book, Big Thoughts for Little People by Kenneth Taylor, at 45%! Only available via the website or by calling our orderline on 0800 28 27 28.

Kind regards,
STL Distribution blog team