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Friday, 22 May 2009

CBC 2009 The Award Winners - 45% Discount

Dear Customer

For those of you who attended, we hope that you had a great CBC. We would like to thank all of those who came to visit us at our stand.

We also want to highlight the fantastic award-winning product announced at the banquet and to offer you, for this week only, 45% discount on these titles. Offer expires Friday 29th May.

CBC Award Winners - Get 45% Discount

Reference Book

Childrens Book

Christian Book

Worship Album

Contemporary Album

Media Product

(For your information, Everything is Spiritual is currently out of stock in our warehouse. Stock will be available within the next two weeks and the discount offers will still apply to backorders if you want to order up now).

We realise that we still have some outstanding issues that are causing you problems. Our Operations Director Mick Goodman has supplied the following update:

% Discount Update
"We have been able to fix approximately 80% of the backorder lines affected by the 0% discount problem with the help of our consultants. The remaining 20% we have to fix manually and we are currently working through that process now. We have seen a significant drop off in the occurrence of the problem over the last two weeks, although it will continue to recur with reduced frequency until we have manually updated each of the remaining backorder lines.

We have put considerable effort into resolving the root cause of the problem and are increasingly confident that the discount data we are adding is correct and will not result in the dreaded 0%! As we are normally working some months ahead, the benefit will increasingly be apparent on new titles over the coming weeks.

Backorder Lists
You will probably have noticed that your Christian Art Christmas order appears on your backlist print out. We are aware that some find this helpful whilst others would prefer not to see thee (these) products on their regular backorder lists. We are not able to make this customer specific so have taken the view that it's better to include the extra information for those who would like it than exclude it. We are also exploring how we can resequence the backorder list top make it more helpful and also the inclusion of the discount you would receive to give better visibility of potential discount errors." - Mick Goodman