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Thursday, 7 January 2010

Focused on Serving You

Dear Customer,

Happy New Year!

2010 marks a fresh start for STL Distribution and we are focused on supplying a broad range of Christian products for your ministry.

Our focus is to re-establish supplier relationships and improve our stock availability.

We are focused on discussions with all our key suppliers to establish new supply agreements. We are pleased to announce that continuity agreements have been reached with Tyndale, Hodder, BRF, Evangelical Press, Alpha International, Kregel, Destiny Image USA, Veritasse, Zoe Records, Roper Penberthy and Shepherd Press. We will be working hard with these suppliers to bring stock levels back up as soon as possible. Numerous other discussions are now reaching maturity and further announcements will be made in the next few days. Information will be made available via emails and our blog. Feel free to visit and comment.

We are also focused on re-establishing our previous Informix IT system and are making steady progress. The Informix system is designed to support a distribution business and was the bedrock of the original STL infrastructure. Over time, as STL expanded into retail and publishing, significant pressure was placed on the Informix system and as STL embarked on a global initiative, it was decided that a new system was required to support a global ministry. The new STL Distribution, however, is a focused distribution business and Informix meets its needs. As we move through this development project our experienced IT team, who have developed and lived-and-breathed Informix for over 20 years will undertake the implementation. Details of our planned timeline for the implementation will be made available as we progress the project over the coming weeks.

Our Area Sales Managers have just emerged from the January Sales meeting and will be calling on you over the next few weeks to present the new spring titles to you.

If you have any queries or would like to place an order please contact our Customer Service Department, your Area Sales Manager or visit All orders are despatched same day when your order is placed before 2.30 pm by telephone or fax or 4.00 pm electronically.

Thank you for sticking with us and we look forward to serving you in 2010.

Kind Regards,
STL Distribution