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Friday, 29 January 2010

Informix and website search UPDATE

Dear Friends,

As promised, we will be providing regular updates on the re-installation of Informix as the project progresses over the coming weeks. To give you an overview of the project, we have outlined the key stages involved below and will be communicating our progress to date each week.

Project Overview
There are three main stages involved in the project, which will run concurrently.

Design & Build
This phase will include process workshops and change management which will aim to identify and address any potential problems at an early stage.

Testing - Informix will be intensively tested in three phases.

  1. Unit testing of individual processes
  2. Interface and integration testing to ensure the individual processes work together and link up smoothly
  3. Migration of data from SAP to Informix (e.g. customer data)


Training will be carried out in two phases – firstly amongst key users and secondly for all end users. We want all staff using Informix to be proficient using the system and will be scheduling full training prior to the go live date. Many staff members will of course already be familiar with Informix but we believe a refresher course of training will be beneficial.

Progress to date

The design and build stage of the re-installation of Informix is making good progress and is on schedule to be completed in the next few weeks. The current focus is on process workshops. Thorough testing of the system will begin next week in consultation with key staff members. As previously communicated we plan to complete the Informix implementation in February, complete testing in early March and go live before the close of the month.

We will keep you updated via e-mail on the installation process.

We are making progress on fixing the problem with the search facility. Although it hasn’t been fully resolved yet, the search is working much better today than you will have been experiencing recently. We will keep you updated with progress.

Kind Regards,

STL Distribution Blog Team

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Kind regards,
STL Distribution blog team

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