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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

STL Distribution System Update

Hi All

Its now been a few weeks since my last system update so I wanted to let you know how our team is progressing through the issues we have been experiencing.

Four weeks ago we were still working on returns received at the end of October. This week we are working on returns received in the second week of January. Normally we would expect to process returns within three weeks, so we are still not there yet but we have reduced the backlog by five weeks.

We have improved our turnaround time from eighteen working days at the beginning of January, to ten working days on most wholesale product from the UK and US. This is helping to improve our fill rate however we do still have a way to go before we are back to our normal standards of service in this area.

Single line backorders are still occuring; however we have seen a substantial reduction in the incidence. Our team along with consultants from SAP are continuing to work on resolving the residual issues.

I want to thank you all again for your continued patience and understanding with STL. Please continue to feedback your comments to our team, as your comments have been extremely useful in identifying issues that need to be resolved.

Warm Regards

STL Blog Team


Member said...

Dear STL Blog Team,

Can this sort of information be sent to us customers by email rather than just be posted on this blog? (If it has then I've missed it).

You've trained us to expect an email or letter with system updates - these are better because they get to the right people within a short space of time.


Member said...

Email just received. Thanks

Alison Bradley said...

I am wondering when you will be able to issue a monthly backorder list as you used to under the old system? Alison Bradley

UnicorntreebooksBoss said...

A few things:
1) I sent a third order through the website and then sent a chase email through the website - I have had no reply and no order!
Can you fix the problem that keeps automatically defaulting web orders to backorders and not releasing them and can you fix the problem that means no one responds to email queries sent through the system. My order by the way was sent on thursday!! Please can you ensure it's here by Monday. I shouldn't have to keep phoning you to get a response and my order!

2) Like Gareth can I have some sort of email update - and no I haven't receieved one.

3) I see no notice of my rep having been made redundant - any chance of finding out if that's just my rep, a lot of reps, or if I am getting a new rep or some sort of new system cause if you are relying on web systems well they ain't working - oh and I liked my rep a lot! and as you seem to have already sacrificed working systems, sacrificing working people is not a good idea either.

Trust Media Blog Team said...

Hi Alison

We have been testing the periodic backorder list sent with your invoice and expect to implement it during the course of March.

Kind Regards

STL Blog Team

John Duncan said...

Thanks for bringing this issue up, Alison - a periodic backorder list is certainly something I have been missing.

Personally I wonder if it is (or will be) possible to get this by e-mail on a regular basis as an excel file. I have requested these and got them on an occasional basis. I find this useful as it can be re-sorted alphabetically, unnecessary columns eliminated. etc.

Can this be done on a regular basis, STL?

John Duncan said...

Any chance of a response to the above post about backorders as an excel file?

Trust Media Blog Team said...

Hi John

Sorry about the delay in coming back to you on this issue. I will speak to our IT department and SAP consultants and get you an answer to your query asap.

Warm Regards

STL Blog Team