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Monday, 16 March 2009

High Discount Offers


Geoff said...

There is a need for some joined up thinking with these offers. I responded on Monday to the latest offer of 3 Veggie Tales titles at 50%, only to find that they came at the normal discount. The only reason that it was spotted was that I had put 50% on the comment line. So I now have to email customer services (apparently I couldn't do it over the phone)and take time writing an email, typing up all the product codes and details, then getting a credit note and a further invoice to add to the bulging file.
So my plea is for these discounts to be applied correctly at source - it saves everybodys time in the long run.

John Duncan said...

Same problem. I ordered copies of the Shack at the 55% discount a couple of weeks ago which came through with the correct discount. On Monday I ordered some more, the offer being extended to 22nd March, and they came through at 35%. Why?

Geoff said...

Hi John
Keep a watch on new SU subscription titles. They are coming through to us at 35% and not 40% (eg The Scarlet Cord)

GLO Bookshop said...

And just while I'm signed in, a note that we are are having significant problems with new titles coming out with no discount applied at all. And in one case, Clive Doherty helpfully noticed that an offending item didn't have the 5 + 1 free book entered into the invoice! No discount- no free book- a double whammy!!