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Thursday, 28 May 2009

The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything Now Avialable

Hi Everyone

The long anticipated new movie from VeggieTales - The Pirates Who Don't Anything is now available to order.

SAIL HO, ME HEARTIES! Ye be findin' plenty of heroism and adventure on the high seas with The Pirates Who Dont Do Anything A VeggieTales Movie.

Buccaneers and landlubbers alike will be bountifully entertained by the comic misadventures of a bored gourd, a sour grape, and a cucumber who wants to be cool when they reluctantly set sail for adventure.

Ye mates will come to discover that real heroes don't have to be tall, strong, handsome ... or even human!


CMP said...

I guess that 'The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything Now...' could also be 'Now Available!' not 'Now Avialable!' Sorry to be fussy with the spelling!

Trust Media Blog Team said...

Well spotted KHD,

There was deliberate mistake in the title...

I've often wondered what the rule is for this word, I've cracked it now...

'i before a except after v'


The good news is that it's finally in stock.

Kind Regards
STL Distribution Blog team