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Friday, 17 July 2009

The Five Love Languages of Your Family by Gary Chapman

This special 2-in-1 edition has just come into stock.
ISBN 9780802473141 price ONLY £9.99!


UnicorntreebooksBoss said...

Hello, did you know the Select Order form (classics) on the website is charging 1p more for each title than is in the Select Catalogue?!
I know the government want to get rid of pennies and lots of large dept. stores are now charging whole figures, but I'm sure you are supposed to wait until the advertised promo's are done before pricing up the penny.
Also in some instances you are citing the retail as more than the publishers rrp - which yes is totally allowed as rrp is a recommendation and not binding but nevertheless it has caused Waterstones some bad press just recently.
Can you get this fixed please, it's a bit of a bad PR or Proof job really and really annoying as it means I can't send my order in via web as then I'll have an invoice error to be chasing on reciept.

UnicorntreebooksBoss said...

oops forgot - can you check please that you are recieving and dealing with the enquiries/emails sent through on the form from the Account section of the website as well please? as I asked for a response email to let me know my issue was being dealt with and haven't heard anything yet.
I know previously there has been an issue with these forms not going through properly.