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Wednesday, 1 July 2009

New Hillsong release on 6th July

Dear friends,

The new Hillsong live album Faith+Hope+Love (HMACD 226) is shipping out to stores this week.

Please note that the official release date of the album is Monday 6th July.

Legally, we're not allowed to sell it before then – so if you have your stock in advance, please don't put it out in store for sale before that date.

Authentic have informed us that the album releases in Australia on that day and it's important that it releases on the same date around the world.

Thanks for your understanding.

STL Distribution Blog Team


GLO Bookshop said...

Adding a totally irrelevant comment!

When we send an email query into Serviceline email at present, we get an automated 'blank' email returned to us- which is better than nothing!! However, there is no indication on this what query the automated system is responding to. It would be better if this could include the text etc of the original email. I'm in a position this morning where I have to chase up a query that hasn't been resolved. We do have quite a number of queries going in to 'ServiceLine' and it would be easier for all concerned if we had a 'trail' we could follow to find out when this was responded to, what happened etc.

Trust Media Blog Team said...

Dear Glo

Thank you for your comment. I'll forward the query onto our IT department to see if they are able to add the original query onto the automated email response.

Warm Regards

STLD Blog Team

LST Books and Resources said...
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