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Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Supplier Agreements - Kingsway and Authentic

Dear Friends,

As you are aware, discussions with our suppliers are ongoing as we re-establish trading relationships and re-stock the business. We promised to keep you informed of developments and are sending you the latest supplier agreements and stock updates below.

As of February 1st 2010 Kingsway will return trade distribution to its premises in Eastbourne. With an expanded warehouse specifically fitted for the task, this represents an exciting new phase for the company. Kingsway product will also continue to be made available through STL Distribution in Carlisle.

“We have given much consideration to our position regarding distribution,” explains Jonathan Brown, Director of Business Development, “this gives us dedicated and detailed management information, increases our capacity for other products and puts us firmly in the driving seat of our own vehicle.”

“Our relationship with STL Distribution spanned over two decades”, says John Paculabo, Executive Director, “and we leave on good terms and wish them every success for the future. As Kingsway enters this new season, while we shall support STL Distribution’s wholesale operation we feel that handling our own distribution is critical to our future development. We are committed to serving retailers to the very best of our ability, and look forward to this new phase in our development.”

Ken Munro, CEO STL Distribution, said, “We are pleased to continue our close working relationship with Kingsway and will be supporting them fully throughout this transition. We are pleased that Kingsway products will continue to be available through STL Distribution’s wholesale channels as part of our ongoing strategy to offer the retailer a one-stop-service for all their Christian products.”

For further information please contact:

Miriam Doherty
Tel: 01323 437736

Steve Apted
Tel: 01228 611898


STL Distribution is pleased to announce a continuity agreement has been reached with Authentic for the distribution of their products. Authentic will continue to be represented by the STL Distribution Area Sales Managers.

To order the following, please visit or call Customer Services on 0800 28 27 28.

NCV Bible Lightning
Bacon Sandwiches and Salvation PB
Once An Addict
Taming The Tiger

Please speak to your Area Sales Manager for the latest special offers from Authentic.


We are receiving stock deliveries from suppliers daily, most recently products from Zondervan, Hodder and SPCK. Details will be posted on the blog over the next few days.


Alpha International and Kingsway would like to announce that the rights for Nicky Gumbel's books have been transferred from Kingsway to Alpha International – a full list is below. All orders will continue to be processed on your trade account via STL Ditribution. The ISBNs for the books will change as we reprint.

Alpha - Questions of Life (and all booklets)
Searching Issues (and all booklets)
A Life Worth Living
Challenging Lifestyle
How to Run the Alpha Course - Telling Others
The Heart of Revival
My Whole World Jumped by Jonathan Brant

Kind Regards
STL Distribution


Anonymous said...

Kingsway... interesting... I'll say no more...

UnicorntreebooksBoss said...

Dear STL Distribution, thank you so much for keeping us fully informed of the situation your end.
I am glad you gave the full details, it seems more than Kingsway have been able to do over the last month when I was trying to get product in.
Please be assured of my continuing goodwill to yourselves and all you are doing in this time of upheaval.