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Thursday, 21 January 2010

Technical Fault with the STL Distribution search facility online

Over the past few weeks we have had problems with information updating in our website search facility.
As time has moved on the problem has become exacerbated, however our web service provider is hopeful of having a fix in place very soon.

In the mean time we thought it would be helpful to show you how you can by-pass the search – this only works is you know the ISBN/product code.

By-passing the search by adding the ISBN/code to the website address (URL) to locate the product page directly:

To do this you simply click on any product on the website (doesn’t matter which one) – my example here is the New International Version Pocket Flexibind – once the product page appears the URL shows as follows: - you’ll see that there product code is there. To quickly get to a product page without navigating the website or using the search you can simply insert any product code into the URL and the product page should appear – if it doesn’t then it’s likely that the product isn’t on the website and we will need to know (please use the email to tell us).

We’ll update you as we make progress with this problem.

For information, we posted a blog post last year to help you get the most out of the search facility - it’s worth a quick look to help you get the best use out of the search (once it’s back up and running properly!)

Thanks for your patience,

Kind regards,
STL Distribution Blog Team

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