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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Weekly Specials

Yancey's classic is on today at 45%, alongside a daily devotional for youngsters at 40%. Remember: these offers are only available online or through our Orderline on 0800 28 27 28.

Kind regards,
the STL Distribution Blog Team


UnicorntreebooksBoss said...

Weeky Specials are great but what would be better is if you could actaully keep stocks in of daily items and even better yet if you could provide the DATED READING NOTES as ordered.
On March 11th I ordered 9 copies of Daily Bread Apri edition. They didn't come next day but when I phoned was assured they would be in very soon. Today still no notes! and they are no nearer being with you than before, but next week is APRIL!! and most of my customers want them now ready for then!
I want to stick with you and appreciate it must be a hardship to lose the distribution to Marston but failing to carry the stock or get it in a timely fashion makes it really really hard to think of you first.

Trust Media Blog Team said...

Hi Unicorntreebooksboss,

Thanks for your post.

We’re disappointed with our availability here. Stock is expected next week.

We’re working hard to stock up and improve our availability and you should start to notice continued improvements over the coming weeks.

Kind regards,
STL Distribution Blog Team