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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Operations Update

The planned equipment move at the Carlisle premises over the bank holiday weekend went smoothly. All services were back up and running at 8am yesterday (Tuesday 31st August) and orders are being processed as normal. Thank you for your patience over the weekend.

Kind regards

STL Distribution blog team


LST Books and Resources said...

Well done!

Would be great if for your next ops update you could fix your website to keep us logged in, please :)

Having to log in to STL again (and again and again) is one thing I certainly won't miss when I leave LST in a couple of weeks' time.

Thanks for all you're doing: it's not been without its frustrations, but on balance it's been a pleasure working with you all: here's to the future!

Cheers - Phil

Trust Media Blog Team said...

Hi Phil.

We appreciate it can be frustrating, especially if you have a customer waiting, but the problem is a limitation of the existing website, which we are currently unable to change (without significant cost). We have noted your request and in the future when we next develop the web platform we will improve this, along with many other aspects of the website.

Thanks for your contributions to the blog over the years. Here's to the future indeed!