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Friday, 5 December 2008

4th November

I am pleased to be able to inform you that yet again the Warehouse operated at full capacity yesterday, Monday 3rd November. However in saying this I am aware that some customers will still be experiencing delays in receiving orders, for this I apologise. The delays you maybe experiencing are in part due to:
1. The large backlog of orders.This backlog is reducing despite an increasing number of orders being sent through to the warehouse as electronic interfaces, which allow order from SyneRgi to come on line.

2. A small number of processes requiring us to check information.
To minimise the delay to you and your customers we have prioritised all orders by date of receipt allowing us to get very near if not at our interim target of a 48 hour despatch.

Whilst it is vitally important we turn your orders around quickly we are also focusing our attention on ensuring the replenishment of product occurs and I am pleased to say we are making in roads into this area and will be releasing a number of key titles, such as the ESV Study Bible and Rob Bell’s book ‘Jesus Wants To Save Christians’.

Our IT team continue to work around the clock to manage any issues as they arise and minimise inconvenience. One interface that has yet to be resolved is the STL Distribution web site. I am informed that significant progress has been made overnight and testing will continue today. Other electronic ordering facilities such as SyneRgi are working well.

If you do have specific questions please do contact Customer Services via phone on 0845 705 6568 or fax 01228 512 785. Please be assured the whole team are working hard to improve our levels of service and I will update you further tomorrow.

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