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Friday, 5 December 2008

Improvements to our Invoices

Dear Customer
We would like to thank you for all the constructive feedback we are getting from you on our new system. This has been really helpful to us in giving you the correct information on items such as our new invoices and dispatch emails. I would like to bring you up-to-date with further improvements in both of these areas:

We have made two further improvements to our invoices:

  • In the top right corner Our Order number has been added under the delivery and invoice number. This is our internal order number which relates to your purchase order. By quoting this number to our customer services team, they will be able to check on the exact progress of your order.
  • We have also increased the font size of Delivery, Invoice and Our order numbers making them easier to read.
Dispatch email
We have made the following improvements to our dispatch emails:

  1. In order to help you match our delivery to your order, we have now included all the key reference numbers including our order number, the delivery number, account number and your order reference number, in the top right corner of the email.
  2. The subject line of the email now includes our order number and your order reference number.
  3. The column width has been adjusted so that each article now fits on a single line.
  • Only articles that have been put onto backorder from this order are shown (rather than all items on backorder).
  • Backorders fulfilled and sent with this order are shown separately.
*We have had some feedback asking for the font size on the dispatch email to be increased. Unfortunately we are unable to do this, however we suggest that you use the magnify function within adobe to manually increase the text size on your computer screen.

Dispatch Labels
Finally we have also made some slight changes to our dispatch labels.

  1. We have now added your order reference number and our order number onto the label for quick referencing.
  2. The label numbering has also been amended to reduce confusion.
We hope that these changes will further improve our service to you. If you have any queries or further suggestions with regard to our service, please speak to your Area Sales Manager or contact 0800 28 27 28.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for all this - but do you think you can actaully resolve the problem you seem to have with The Select Promo - so far I have been overcharged nearly every single time I have recieved a Select Promo item I have ordered - well the few you seem to have in stock.
perhaps also you could do something about updating the website?? it's still showing the Old Select Promo - I would assume that was what was causing the problems but I have been placing my orders by Phone and saying it was Select Promo items - oh and in the reference section on the latest invoice it even said SELECT Promo even though no select discounts or prices had been given.
Bad enough all the time waiting for the deliveries but then add in my time repeatedly having to phone - and hold for much too long or leave repeated voice mails before being phoned back - and its just not funny anymore.

Anonymous said...

Ohh, Glad to see you have now updated the webpage and that the current select is now showing. Thanks.

Trust Media Blog Team said...

Thank you for your message. I’m so sorry that our service has let you down and thank you for letting me know that the Select promotion online was out of date. The new promotion has been mounted today and the prices will be updated over night.

In terms of the overcharging issue for Select, this is a gremlin we appear to have in our system where on the odd occasion it will just not apply the discount?? Our IT team are addressing the problem and should get it sorted soon. If you contact our customer service team, they will be able to address any outstanding queries for you.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you are improving the invoices.
Please would you resolve the problem where the customer references are spilling over into the product code column and making it very difficult to run your eye down the product codes to find an item quickly.
The problem is with STL generated customer references. It could be resolved by not printing 'Your reference' in front of the reference. It would then fit in the right column. Thanks.

cathy said...

We're having a serious problem with invoices which we would like you to resolve please.
Before your upgrade, we placed an order which was given an order number. That number stayed with the order throughout it's process, becoming the invoice number. The same number was on the box. the invoice and the pos slips. An order or an individual item could be identified by it's number.
Now, after your upgrade, we have
three numbers. Delivery, Invoice and Our Order. Instead of the invoice number showing on the pos slip, it is the order number on which the item was originally ordered. This means that we can receive an order which includes pos slips with half a dozen different numbers on it. This number is irrelevant and useless to us, and just shows when an backorder was recorded. We need to be able to find every item on it's invoice to know how much it is and any special references, therefore we need the invoice number, not the order number to be shown on the pos slip.

Trust Media Blog Team said...

Hi Cathy

Thank you for your comments with regard to the invoices... This type of customer feedback is invaluable to us in trying to create invoices that are easy for you guys to use... I shall feed those comments back to the team here straight away. And if you have any more feedback on invoices, labels etc, please send to us asap.

Thanks again

GLO Bookshop said...

Please note the following items.
1. 'The subject line of the email now includes our order number and your order reference number.' Oh no, it doesn't! And I have just checked my despatch notes from Thursday 18th......Have asked about this on several occasions- would make it far easier to quickly identify what orders you have- and which ones have disappeared.....
2. When can we get our invoices in some kind of logical order? We used to get them in 'order order', which made it so easy to check off the stock & check the charging. I thought this was sorted a couple of days ago when I looked at the despatch notes, all lovely & in the right order- and so disappointed when I opened the box and found the invoices were still all over the place- not only the order lines, but also Page 2 of 2, which had mysteriously disappeared. Yet another phone call to long suffering Customer Services.
And 3. I'm having problems opening the Despatch Emails- they seem to be formatted in Acrobat Professional 8 or something else highly technical my home PC doesn't like. Any chance of the economy version amateur Bookshop managers can view!?

Trust Media Blog Team said...


Having spoken to our team there is good news and bad news. The good news is that the issue witht the reference number spilling over can be fixed.

The bad news is that your second issue cannot. Unfortunately the way the system now works means that an invoice is not created until the point of goods issue. By this time we already have the POS slips. I hope this doesn’t cause to many problems for you.

Trust Media Blog Team said...

Glo Bookshop

Thank you for your comments. I've passed them onto our team and they are looking into the issues you have raised. With regard to the issue with invoice sequences they have just told me that you should be set-up as default for this option but for some reason the process isn't working. They are working on fixing it now.....

cathy said...

Despatch confirmation emails still do not have the order number in the subject line. This is essential! How can we find an order otherwise? The proverbial needle in a haystack comes to mind.

Please would you send despatch confirmations as emails like you used to. Having to open an attachment takes SO long!

cathy said...

STL blog team said
"Unfortunately the way the system now works means that an invoice is not created until the point of goods issue. By this time we already have the POS slips. I hope this doesn’t cause to many problems for you."

Yes it does cause huge problems. We need to be able to tie up a product and it's pos slip with the invoice we have been charged for it on.
At the moment we can't do this with any backorders can we?
The pos slip needs to have the number of the invoice that it's been charged for on. If you can't do this at the moment, it needs working on until it's resolved please.

Trust Media Blog Team said...

Ok Cathy, I will pass your concerns back to the team asking them to look at the issue again, highlighting the importance of it to the retailer....